A Great Battle

We will skip ahead again now, as we had taken a slight detour back to explain what had happened to Jon. By this time Bren, Jenna and Rebecca were fast approaching the others, and just in time too! Although there were eight of them with the addition of Arthur, Robin Hood and Robin’s merry men, they were all tiring and could not fight the trolls forever.

            As the three approached, the rest had just been caught and bundled into sacks this time (although the trolls were not clever, they had figured out that tying their hands hadn’t worked). They had to think of a way to get their friends out, and they had to do it quickly, but (even though they were on horseback, which would have meant that they were much quicker than any trolls and would probably have scared most away anyway) there were too many to just go charging in. Suddenly Rebecca knew what her whistle was for and she explained her plan to the other two. They had to go along with it as it was the only plan they had, and they had to act presently.

            Rebecca rode around the outside of the group of trolls and up a path, away from her friends. A few trolls took notice and followed her, but most were not interested and only interested in eating the people they had already captured. When she was a safe distance away she stopped and blew her whistle, but no sound came out! What a disaster! Well, luckily, although she was not to have known this, it was a silent whistle – to human ears anyway. It makes such a high pitched noise that people can’t hear it. Trolls, However, have a wider range of hearing than people do and the particular frequency of this whistle does something very peculiar to trolls.

            The high pitched sound that the whistle makes is the same sound that bats use to talk to each other – you may think that that is absurd, but have you ever heard two or more bats in conversation? The reason that you haven’t is that bats are very private and they like to communicate outside of the frequency range that people can hear at – Anyway, trolls have had to learn how to track bats, as they seldom found people to eat and bats had become their main source of food. So when Rebecca blew the whistle, almost by instinct, the trolls began to follow her.

            Most of the trolls had left their captives and started to follow Rebecca, who continued to move further and further from the others. This meant that there were only a few guarding their friends and Bren and Jenna could move in and free them. Bren charged in and slashed down at an unsuspecting troll (who was looking in the direction of Rebecca and her whistle) from his horse, while Jenna sat at a distance with her bow. With two arrows, the first of which pinned one troll to a big rock sticking out of the side of the mountain, and the second, taking out a troll who was preparing to take Bren from behind, she had taken out most of their guard. Two were left, plus one still pinned to the rock. Bren charged the first with his horse and flattened him, while slashing at him. His attack was blocked and the troll readied a return hit. Jenna’s timing was perfect and she put an arrow through his heart before he could do anything.

            They freed the others and there were now eleven of them to fight – near enough – a hundred trolls and with the help of Rebecca’s whistle to lure them into traps, they now stood a good chance. Not to mention that Arthur was a practiced swordsman, and Robin and his merry men were the best bowmen in the realm. Luckily they had been given some spare horses too, so the children had a horse each. Those who didn’t have weapons picked up sticks and stones to fight with and they made towards Rebecca to catch some trolls from behind.

            Behind Bren and Jenna, Theo charged zealously for trolls trying to sneak up on the other two. He had been fashioning a sword from a stick he found when he first entered Elysium and by now it had become sharp and deadly. He struck one on the shoulder just before it could get at his brother and when it had turned around, he stabbed it in the belly and rode on to aid Jenna.

            Arthur found that he could slay twice as many as Robin could when he was close to them – as the bowman would have to reload after every shot – but Robin always caught up and overtook him when the knight ran out of trolls and had to rush up to another group.

            “I’m on 11!” Robin taunted at the poor knight, who was trying his best.

            “8, 9” came the response as he slashed his way through a group of trolls. “10.”

            “Watch your back Arthur, I’ve just saved your life!” He knew Arthur had himself covered, he was just trying to show off. “And again!”

            While they were attacking the trolls at the back of the mob it was Rebecca’s job to draw the rest of them out, so they didn’t have to fight too many of them at once. She was leading them straight towards a big opening in the path. The distance in between her side of the opening and the other was about eight feet, and the drop went right past the bottom of the mountain and into the depths below (and everyone knows that trolls jump two footed and as a result, cannot jump very far. In fact, the average troll can only jump half a metre). Rebecca’s horse just cleared the jump and several trolls attempted to follow her over the gap, only to plummet into the oblivion below the mountain. As the hordes behind shoved forward, dozens more were pushed over the edge and in one clever jump, Rebecca had topped Robin’s total (not that she was counting).

            Winni and Terri, not having any weapons, had to make do with what they could find. After a short while, Winni picked a large club from a fallen troll, while Terri had found an axe (which was very small for a troll, who would use such an axe as a table knife, but a good sized weapon for Terri). They worked together, obstructing one of the main paths leading up the mountain, toward Rebecca. I will spare you the details, as they were using Troll weaponry, which can be a gruesome thing to see or hear about, but between them they overcame eight and wounded one, which was finished off by Much (who was one of Robin’s merry men).

            When they were nearing the end of the battle, Rebecca led the last of the trolls to Robin and Arthur (those who hadn’t died or fled). They finished the last of them off and Arthur had just crept ahead with twenty-five to Robin’s twenty-three. Although this annoyed Robin somewhat, he was mostly relieved (as was everyone else). The battle was done.

            The two parties caught up and told each other all about the adventures they’d had (which took a long time, especially with Jenna there, who hadn’t stopped talking throughout this entire letter!). It is difficult to know the time in Elysium – because the sun doesn’t rise or set, but just stays slightly south-east of straight up – but soon they were all getting tired and hungry and it was time to head back to Olympus.


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