The Others Get Lost

While Arthur had been in Elysium for a long, long time, he still didn’t have very much of an idea about where he was going (although his confidence and stubbornness, and his need to prove that he knew where he was going – which he didn’t – could fool anyone, and on this occasion it fooled everyone). “From here, we will need to start heading westward” he announced (they were already north and slightly west of Olympus).

            Redtail knew that they were heading in the wrong direction and he gestured so, theatrically pointing south-eastward with his wing and sometimes refusing to press on any further in the wrong direction, but everyone knew that he could be a drama queen and they ignored him and followed Arthur. He would eventually catch up to them and try again, only to be ignored again.

            As with any adventure there were parts of this one that were worth recording and there were parts in which not very much happened. The part of this one in which Winni, Terri, Theo, Arthur and Redtail progressed further from Olympus and grew more and more lost was – for the most part – the latter, but it is worth noting that many stories and jokes were shared and in general everyone enjoyed themselves over this time (although the twins became irritable on some occasions on account of all of the walking); It took about three-and-a-half hours to get as lost as they had done and they were now about four-and-a-quarter away from Mount Olympus; Arthur was still certain he was going the right way and everyone (except Redtail) still believed him; at the point just before we will be joining them again, they had arrived at the foot of a mountain which they believed to be Mount Olympus, but which was actually Thunder (the Stormy Mountain) and they began to proceed up the mountain’s solemn and dangerous path.

            “Here we are! Mount Olympus!” Arthur was proud of himself for finding it. “Just a day-and-a-half’s walk to the city from here.” If any hungry trolls were around, they would have heard Arthur’s bellowing voice and come rushing towards it, for man-flesh is a troll’s favourite food. Luckily there were no trolls on Mount Olympus (although – as you will remember – they were not actually walking up mount Olympus, and the Stormy Mountain was known to be inhabited by all sorts of nasty characters, such as trolls, giants and worst of all – snakes!).

            Their voices were all loud and cheerful as they climbed up the side of the mountain. Luckily – as the bird knew where they really were – Redtail has the sense to have a look around and make sure there was no danger about. As he soared high above them he noticed that there were some trolls about and it looked like they had heard them – they were making towards the lively mob eagerly. He had to warn them!

            The bird swooped down and tried to block Arthur as he marched on up the mountain, but he just kicked him away. He tried to tell Winni, but it was no good; she didn’t understand him at the best of times. He squawked and shrieked mournfully but they paid him no mind; they already had him down as an attention seeker. The trolls were descending toward them fast so he raced ahead to meet them and fight them off.

            “That bird has been acting more and more daft and peculiar ever since we left the forest” observed Winni. “I’m starting to think he’s lost his wits.”

            “Perhaps he is just happy to be home” suggested Terri.

            “He is foolish” Boomed Arthur. “If there were any enemies around he would give us away! Not that we have to worry about enemies here.”

            Just then several trolls jumped out at them from a high cliff above. Redtail was doing his best to keep one of them back, but he only seemed to irritate the troll as he pecked and jabbed at it. While Arthur wasn’t the best with directions, he did know how to fight. As he drew his sword, Excalibur, the mountain burst into light – light which seemed to come from the immaculate, solid gold blade. He slashed down to catch two trolls in one swift movement, cutting one from shoulder to hip and taking the other’s legs off. He came back up, finishing off the second troll and blocking an overhead blow from a third. He stabbed the third troll in the belly, kicked him off of the tip of his sword and cut an arm off another as he attempted to swing a morning-star into his chest. There were two left now, plus one without an arm or a weapon. As the first charged toward him with a cleaver, the brave knight smashed his helmet in with a fist, knocking him to the ground. He moved swiftly on to the second, blocked a left handed blow with a backhand swing and cut him in half from the waist. He finished off the last two as they clambered around, one dazed and confused, and one still scrambling about for his arm and morning-star. Even after such a battle his sword and his armour were gleaming and untarnished.

            “You don’t often find trolls about on this mountain” Arthur’s voice had become grave and sombre. “Still, there could be more. We had best head up the mountain with haste and we ought to be careful about it too.”


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