After The War

During my extraordinarily eventful expedition of Wales I stumbled on a remarkable letter, the envelope of which was addressed to no one in particular (and the finding of which is another story in itself!). Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this letter – although by no means the only remarkable thing – is that it was written 128 years after – well, after now! It is from the future! It is a fair few pages long, but bear with it. It is worth a read!

            The second most remarkable thing about the letter (or perhaps the most remarkable, which is why the first thing was only perhaps the most remarkable and not definitely the most remarkable thing) is what it says – it seems to be not merely a story, but an account of what happened to a group of children in the 44th year (44 years after The War). This is what the letter said:


Chapter 1            Bren

Chapter 2            The Stranger

Chapter 3            The Bird and the Magic Tunnel

Chapter 4            Winni and the Twins Find the Tunnel

Chapter 5            An Unwelcome Gues-sss-t

Chapter 6            The Pianist

Chapter 7            Viviane

Chapter 8            The Others Get Lost

Chapter 9            The King

Chapter 10         Trolls

Chapter 11         What Happened to Jon

Chapter 12         A Great Battle

Chapter 13         The First Blade of Grass


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